Professional Gouged Oboe Cane

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Meticulously hand processed to high standards in northern Michigan by a professional oboist, our gouged oboe cane is for reed makers seeking consistency and dependability. Our selection process is highly rigorous and we discard a high amount of cane that is unacceptable. Our cane is measured at every stage; pre-splitting, post-splitting, trimming, pre-gouging and post-gouging. We ensure that the cane is consistent in measurements all across, straight, to produce reeds that seal on the sides, all the way to the top. Cane is gouged on an Innoledy gouging machine that produces center/side measurements of about 0.58/0.48 mm. We find this gouge to produce reeds that vibrate readily with a colorful, smooth sound. Choose between 10-10.5 (Out of Stock) or 10.5-11 mm diameter. For custom measurements, please email us to inquire.