OC&R Pro Oboe Reed (Originally designed by Stuart Dunkel)

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Stuart Dunkel Oboe Reeds will now be known as the OC&R Pro Oboe Reed (Originally designed by Stuart Dunkel). Though a new name, this reed has the same classic design that has been loved by students, teachers, and professional oboe players for many years. This reed is known for its dark and rich tone that sounds beautiful on all registers. OC&R Pro Oboe Reed is a handmade reed that is quality crafted by Dunkel's long time business partner,  Kristen Severson. Ms. Severson, has been making the Stuart Dunkel Reeds sold by Advantage-USA Reeds and Supplies for many years. 

Kristen Severson received an M.M. degree from The Juilliard School and a B.M. degree from Manhattan School of Music, both in oboe performance.  She has studied with Joseph Robinson (MSM), Thomas Stacy (Juilliard) and Richard Killmer (Aspen Festival) and has participated in Masterclasses with John Mack.  She is an active free-lancer in the Boston area.

We are very excited to continue the legacy of Stuart Dunkel's world class oboe reeds through the OC&R Pro Oboe Reed line at Advantage-USA Reeds and Supplies. Please call at 360.301.3672 or email us at advantage@advantage-usa.com if you have any questions about the change.