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How Long Have We Been in Business?

Advantage USA Reeds has been serving the needs or the woodwind community since 1995. As a family business, we have succeeded in incorporating the best of long experience and shared insider practical knowledge through years of collaboration with suppliers . We  offer you only the best products available on the market at competitive prices with prompt and courteous service.

The expertise we have accumulated, is unbeatable. All products and services are guaranteed.

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If a product is not currently listed on your site, do you still offer it?

Yes, we have access to products that are not listed on our site. We may very well be able to get it for you at a favorable price.

Manufacturer Information

Chartier- Established more than 60 years ago, Chartier Double Reed Co. continues to make excellent quality reeds for oboes, bassoons and English horns. Consistency and playability are hallmarks of Chartier Reeds.

Stuart Dunkel- Double reed expert, Stuart Dunkel, produces some of the most exceptional oboe, bassoon, English horn and oboe d’amore reeds sold today. Students, teachers and professionals enjoy Dunkel reeds for their warm lovely tone.

Jones- Standing the test of time, Jones Double Reeds creates superior quality oboe and bassoon reeds using advanced machinery and fine French cane.

Graham- Established in 1986, Graham Reeds are recognized as a premium alternative to most commercially available reeds. Graham Étude oboe and bassoon reeds are preferred by many students and teachers where Graham professional oboe reeds offer a dark tone and increased resistance sought after by today’s top musicians.

Kestrel- Kestrel Reeds may be a small company but Kestrel oboe and English horn reeds continue to gain popularity. Attention to detail and quality are paramount.

GTG- Good Tone Guild has grown from a small “boutique” reed maker into a well known and highly respected manufacturer. Each hand made oboe reed is crafted from select cane and materials resulting in beautiful sound throughout all registers.

Lesher- Marlin Lesher oboe and bassoon reeds accommodate today’s discerning musicians. Students and professionals alike appreciate the Lesher style and tone.

Advantage- Advantage oboe, bassoon and English horn reeds incorporate the highest quality materials and reed making skills into a stylish alternative for both students and professionals.

Emerald- Emerald oboe and bassoon reeds have been musician’s “go-to” reeds for many years. Emerald reeds retain popularity with beginners and professionals due to consistence and reliability.

Allan- Allan Double reed Co. takes pride in producing quality oboe and bassoon reeds for musicians of all levels.

Sapphire- Hardly a major manufacturer well respected Sapphire Reed Co. manufacturers high quality oboe and bassoon reeds for beginning through advanced players.

Bree- Avery  Bree, a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, professional bassoonist and teacher produces a Philadelphia style hand made bassoon reed with attention to the smallest details.

Rigotti- The Rigotti family has been an important French supplier of single and double reed supplies for some 30 years. Their products are of the highest quality and are fully guaranteed.

Stradella-Larry Allen has been making oboe reeds for over 40 years. His Stradella reeds are a unique blend of the tip, heart and windows in the back of the reed that produces a dark chocolate-like sound. Each hand-made reed is designed and graded for students of all skill levels.

Singin' Dog Reeds-Specializing in handmade reeds, Singin' Dog reeds easily outclass competitors yet at an attractive price. Offered in 5 strengths, Singin' Dog soft and medium soft oboe reeds vibrate very easily for beginners while the medium, medium hard and hard strengths produce warm rich tones for more advanced players.

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12 reeds for my 1903 Buffet French bassoon arrived 8/11 in good order. Thank you for a quick and easy transaction. I also appreciate the personal attention and information I got during the phone call to verify/update my credit card info. Regards,
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