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Rigotti Oboe Cane, Gouged Only

Direct from an exclusive shipper in the Var region of France, Advantage USA Reeds has been importing high quality musical instrument cane for over 20 years. Carefully selected and sorted by diameter from 9.5 to 12.5mm, Advantage reed cane is of medium hardness, consistent in quality producing a clear and pleasant tone.


Rigotti Oboe Cane, Gouged Only

  • $2.05
  • Oboe tube diameter
Rigotti Oboe Cane - Select Var region oboe cane, 10.0-10.5 or 10.5-11.0mm, gouged only, sold by the piece
Rigotti Oboe Cane, Gouged Only

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Our orchestra gave its best performance, after we refitted our instruments with Advantage reeds! Not a sour note!
Richard W.